Monday, 27 June 2011

The end part 9

Our final blog, is largely photo based and as such is split over 9 seperate posts, each is only small so take a second to have a look:

As I am sure most of you are aware we are now back in England having completed this ridiculous mission with a day to spare so to all those that told us we couldn't do it and the hundreds of Indians we met that told us in broken English "but this is not possible"... you were wrong and we were right. That said the 3 of us have lost a combined 4 stone, my legs are stuck at 90 degrees, we have a constant humming in our ears and let’s not even talk about stomach problems… In short India has broken us!

Since our last update we made good progress down the west coast despite bloody Bluey. We all thought at the beginning that we would become attached to the 4th member of the expedition and sad to see the back of him. The truth is that we completed the journey in spite of him not because of him - we finished on day 29 with a tally of 32 breakdowns and desperate to see the back of it (not him).

We overcame some major hurdles in the last week: ridiculous heat (broken record I know) but the humidity kicked in which was particularly uncomfortable, Tim wiping out three guys off a motorbike at fairly high speed caused a serious issue, me waking up with a rat sat on my feet wasn't fun and the final insult was 3 separate breakdowns when we were within 17km of the finish line!

Once again, pictures say a thousand words so I have attempted to wrap up the last week and the journey in general below.....

Where's Bluey?

Oh dear there seems to be a smoke related problem and we seem to be up quite a remote mountain!